The Stories

Footsteps cover for WordPressFootsteps

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short tense thriller in 14,000 words.

A young American hitch-hiker wanders into a brutal and terrifying situation when visiting a beautiful but isolated seaside town in 1960s Ireland. Who are the sinister men in the dark car? Are they the shadows that are stalking her on the beach? And who is the dark, mysterious figure hovering by the water’s edge?


Can't take you home again, Kathleen WordPress Can’t Take You Home Again, Kathleen

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short love story in 14,000 words.

You promise to love and cherish her forever. Then you believe you’ve lost her and you find someone else. One day it all comes back to haunt you and the question is – were your promises just a pack of lies? Were your actions a cowardly betrayal?


Going Through Changes cover WordPressGoing Through Changes

A short coming-of-age story in 6,000 words.

When Katie’s father died the whole family fragmented, but how could she possibly repair things, bring them all back to how life was before …


A Very Peculiar Christmas Holiday 100pxA Very Peculiar Christmas Holiday

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short humorous story told in 4,000 words.

Michael Galvin thinks he’s found the bargain of a lifetime – a Christmas holiday in San Francisco. But why is Micky Dunn being so nice to him? What is he really up to …


I Dreamed Another Dream cover 2016 100pxI Dreamed Another Dream

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short mystery in 4,000 words.

What did the dream actually mean – why did it disturb my brother so much, turning it into an obsession? Was he really serious about coming back after he was dead?
‘I’ll prove it to you,’ he insisted. ‘I’ll come back and show you!’
Then he drove along the railway tracks into the path of the Cork Express …


Bunny Dundee cover WordPressBunny Dundee

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A funny short story in 3,300 words.

The donkey was mad. We all knew that. You only had to look at the cut of it. It stood to reason, of course, that an animal like that would have an owner who would be every bit as odd. And Bunny Dundee was as odd as you could get. Then Bunny gets a letter …


Dapper Dannys Amazing Welsh Cousin Cover WordPressDapper Danny’s Amazing Welsh Cousin

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A humourous short story in 4,500 words.

Dapper Danny is everything that people say he is – a dapper little man. But why is he so tormented by his visit to Wales to see the beautiful Helen…


The Last Confession of Father Stone Cover WordPressThe Last Confession of Father Stone

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short ghost story in 4,800 words.

Jennifer Marshall is an obnoxious, unruly teenager who takes great delight in being downright rude to everyone she meets. So what could she possibly have in common with a gentle old priest, whose wise words mesmerized her …


The Ghost of the Silver Screen WordPressThe Ghost of the Silver Screen

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short ghost story in 3,500 words.

It was strange seeing the old Picturedrome again. After twenty-five years I don’t know what I expected, but I never thought it would be exactly as I remembered it. A gust of wind threw rain against me and peppered the door with tiny droplets, and somewhere in the deep, dark clouds, thunder rumbled …


Spider's Web cover WordPressSpider’s Web

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A humourous short story in 3,170 words.

We called him Spider. With his long legs and gangly arms he actually looked like a spider too, but to me, seeing him sideways on with his tongue hanging out, he looked more like a zip on a crumpled old anorak. But that didn’t mean he was soft. When the moment came, Spider could be as vicious as any mad black widow …


Exorcizing Uncle Peter Cover WordPressExorcising Uncle Peter 

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short horror story in 9,200 words.

Suddenly it’s night – black, empty night. I’m lying in my bed and outside the moon is shimmering through the ghostly trees. Everything is silent – a deep eerie silence. Then out of the silence …


Who's that in the Attic Cover WordPressWho’s That in the Attic?

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A strange mystery and imagination story in 5,780 words.
Claire had never been in the attic in her life. She was just a baby, only a few months old, when her mother vanished off the face of the earth, and her father took her to Dublin to get away from the rumours and the wagging tongues.


Dressmaker cover WordPressDressmaker

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A humourous story in 5,700 words.

Folks, this story is true. Some names have been changed because I can’t remember them.
Moss Scanlon was sitting in his shop when he heard the thud from the room above. A fraction of a second later he was slapped on the head by a lump of plaster the size of a dinner plate and enveloped in a cloud of grey flaky dust …


Leg O'Lamb; Village Butcher WordPressLeg O’Lamb: Family Butcher

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A short thriller in 3,230 words.

Everyone in Ballycumscut thought Leg O’Lamb was a little bit strange. It wasn’t something you could actually put your finger on, though, and if you heard people talking about him, they’d always add that he was nice enough really! He’d smile, too, of course, but it was always just the mouth. The eyes didn’t smile …


Remember Me cover WordPressRemember Me?

From the collection Dreamin’ Dreams; A strange short story of mystery and imagination in 5,970 words.

Be careful, if you’re struggling with your business, about employing someone to do your books – especially if she’s young and beautiful. Could you resist the temptation, even if it meant compromising your life …


The Hospital cover WordPressThe Hospital

A short horror story in 6,700 words.

If anyone was to tell you that hospitals aren’t creepy, they’d be dead wrong.
I’m John Smith. This story is about my time in hospital. And let me tell you – it was the only time in my life that I was so utterly and unbelievably scared. And the terrifying part about it was – in hospital at night, no one listens to your screams.