Gallows Field

Gallows Fiels-300dpi-3125x4167(1)


A Murder Mystery set in Ireland during World War Two.

War is raging in Europe. Ireland is struggling with the consequences – the blockade of vital resources, the rationing of food and fuel, the influx of refugees, the shortage of jobs are causing unrest.

Eamon Foley is in a crowded pub. The music is loud. The singing is louder. His brother-in-law Joe McCarthy is shot dead.

In the chaos Foley sees a big man rushing through the door. Leo Maranus, a face from his shady past?

Is this a message? Have they caught up with him at last?

Or is it as the local Gardaí suspect – Joe was killed by a jealous husband, given his reputation as a notorious womanizer?

They dismiss Foley’s concerns. With dreadful results.

The next day Foley’s sister Mary is found dead in the town park.

And his son is taken away by a nun in a car.